blockquote-1I got winded walking up the stairs. I had trouble tying my shoes. None of my clothes fit. I had always been on some weight loss plan, but it didn’t work for me. I was walking thirty minutes three times a week, but I continued to gain weight, and I couldn’t do anything else on my own.

After discovering that I had high blood pressure, I finally decided to commit to getting in shape and become a healthier person. I started working with a personal trainer: DAVID. This has proven to be a successful partnership. David and I train together 5 days a week. He monitors my food and exercise regimen, offers me encouragement, and keeps me on track. We continually set new goals, and workout sessions become more challenging. In addition to my weight lost, I have seen many other benefits: My blood pressure is now under control, my stress levels have gone down, and I dropped sizes in clothing; I used to wear size 18 on jeans, now I wear size 0. I have lost 80 lbs. I have been trying for years on my own to do what David helped me accomplish in less than one year.


– Lupe

blockquote-1As you can see I was a rather big guy at my heaviest I weight 300 lbs. I was heavy most of my life and always thought that there is no way that I can ever be skinny. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just sit around, I was always active, and I coached soccer for about 12 years and also played most of my adult life but could never seem to lose weight.

When I first met Dave he told me what it would take to get the results I wished for. Although I was not sure that what he told me could get me the results I was looking for, I trusted him and started training with him. He not only helped me understand that it’s not just about being active and exercise, he also taught me the nutritional requirements I needed to be aware of.

He is very knowledgeable in his trade and helped guide me in nutrition and exercise. He started me off on his aerobic routine which has help me get my body fat down to 10.5% which has surpassed my original goal of 12% body fat. During the process he has adjusted my routines and incorporated the body building program so that I would not only lose weight but also build in fitness and muscle tone. As the industry changes he seems to be able to examine the changes and adjust routines to ensure we use the best methods for our overall fitness needs.

I can honestly say that at the age of 42, I am the healthiest and most fit that I have ever been. However, getting to where I am now was not an easy process. It takes dedication and perseverance. Dave has been instrumental in holding me accountable for my fitness goals and encourages and pushes me to strive to improve in every session. He instructs and reminds me that getting there is only half the battle, but staying there and improving is a lifestyle change commitment. I must say that when you get to a point where you see the changes in your body weight and muscle tone, it makes it a bit easier to believe that the lifestyle change is attainable, and the commitment gets easier, especially when you interact with a quality training program that Tore Up offers.”

– Memo