With my one-of-a-kind strength training program, that helps build muscle, increase bone density , and boost your metabolism, you also will build lean muscle by utilizing both compound and isolation exercise that will help you burn at least 400-500 calories.  This training program is suitable for people of all fitness levels.

I operate out of X Action  Sportsclub. If you aren’t a member  it would be well worth joining, so that you can benefit from my expertise, experience and the range of services I offer .


Training Points

  • You get a personalised plan
  • You get the trainer who is the perfect fit for you
  • You agree to x sessions a month
  • We measure your goals against your current fitness levels
  • We work with you at the right speed for your fitness


My one – on -one personal training program is designed to fit your lifestyle and help you reach whatever goals you might have! Whether it’s improving your posture, running a half marathon, rehabbing and old injury, or just getting that 20 year old body back.


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