There is more to Tore Up Fitness than meets the eye.

David is a certified personal trainer who maximizes his students’ strengths & skills in order to exploit & develop their weaknesses.  Focusing on their assets through innovative & dynamic methods…he customizes workouts to fit lifestyles and in the process turn weakness into power. Mind follows body.  Body follows soul.  Chaos is the matrix of creation – and in order to create your perfect soul & healthy body…David’s mission is to deconstruct bad habits, and embrace the negative chaos in one’s life in order to implement change.  At Tore Up Fitness they unequivocally believe that fitness is a relationship first – a relationship between you and your body, your soul, trainer and the world.  If you can’t see yourself as the best person you can be…how can you expect nature to view you as the best you can be?

David understands that you can workout as hard as you want…but if your personal life isn’t in order…your mind, body and soul will never be…no matter how good you look, how ripped you are…or how many miles you can walk.

David believes that most people embark on fitness by dabbling in searching for the right gym, trainer or regime.  If the search is cumbersome, dull and pedestrian…they will be turned off and take the road most travelled…which is a sedentary approach.

David Boivin is the name, training hard is the game.

I work really hard so you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

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